‘Elgin Towers’ is the first track be lifted and reimagined from the #1 album, ‘Stratos Bleu’. The Nu-Disco legend that is Hot Toddy weighing in on this one.  Dreamy pads and driving electronic grooves provide the verse bedding for John Turrell’s wholesome tones. The listener slowly melts into the track before the chorus hits. A beautiful lift, arpeggios shimmer from left to right whilst the uplifting vocal melody brings a timely moment of clarity and raw emotion. Lyrical themes explore the world’s lust for greed and power, a full gospel choir section builds the track smoothly to an anthemic and soulful climax and, if that’s not enough, a full seven-minute dancefloor-ready dub flies in as the second track on the record. What’s not to love?

The third and final flip is provided by Steve Cobby, one half of the trip-hop duo, Fila Brazillia.  A man who has previously remixed the likes of Radiohead and Busta Rhymes, the multi-instrumentalists’ electronica expertise bring the track to life with electric piano, tight grooves and lush strings. The vocals of both Turrell and the gospel choir come again to create an uplifting downtempo affair that would make the likes of Moby proud.

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